We are a general gynaecological practice. We deal with all aspects related to Women’s Health, not only the ones highlighted by this site. We recognise that each woman is different and requires a special tailor- made solution unique to her needs. We always strive to provide this in a beautiful environment that is respectful of a woman’s privacy and choices. 


Adolescent Gynaecology - discussion and management

Contraceptive Therapy - discussion, counseling, insertion of Mirena and other devises

Pelvic pain, Dysmenorrhea and Endometriosis - evaluation, medical and surgical management as is necessary


Ovarian Cysts - evaluation, medical and surgical management as is necessary


Vulvar conditions - assessment, biopsy and management as necessary


Fibroids - discussion, evaluation, management and surgery as necessary


Infertility - evaluation, medical and surgical treatment and referal to infertility centre as necessary


Recurrent Second Trimester Pregnancy Loss - evaluation and cervical cerclage as necessary


Menopause - Management of symptoms, hormone therapy,counseling alternate therapies,pelvic floor prolapse and

osteoporosis management


Cancer Screening and Abnormal Smears - management, treatments (colposcopy/vulvoscopy)


Dysparunia and Sexual Dysfunction - assessment and management

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