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Chart & Stethoscope


We are a general gynaecology practice. We deal with all aspects related to Women’s Health, not only the ones highlighted below. We recognise that each woman is different and requires a special tailor- made solution, unique to her needs. We always strive to provide this in a beautiful environment, that is respectful of a woman’s privacy and choices. 
Our aim is to provide you with high quality medical expertise and  help guide you through whatever issue you may be experiencing. During a consultation, we will discuss your concerns, history, and relevant treatment options that are available. We offer surgical management, when necessary. Along with thorough medical management, we are also able to offer a range of treatments in our procedure room when applicable. 


 Management of symptoms, hormone therapy,counselling, alternate therapies,

pelvic floor prolapse and

osteoporosis management

Ovarian Cysts

Evaluation, medical and surgical management as is necessary


Evaluation, medical and surgical treatment and referal to infertility centre, if necessary

Contraceptive Therapy

Discussion, counselling, insertion and replacement of IUDs

Adolescent Gynaecology

Discussion and management

Reccurent Second Trimester Pregnancy Loss

Evaluation and cervical cerclage as necessary

Pelvic Pain & Dysmenorrhea

(painful Periods)

Evaluation, medical and surgical management as is necessary

Dyspareunia(painful intercourse) and Sexual Dysfunction

Assessment and management

Cancer Screening & Abnormal Smears

Assessment, treatments including colposcopy and vulvoscopy.


Evaluation, medical and surgical management, as is necessary


Discussion, evaluation, management and surgery as necessary

Vulvar Conditions

Assessment, biopsy and management as necessary

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